A selection of essays, articles, blog posts and interviews. 

  • Straight Talk with Kathy High - SciArt Magazine. April, 2017 (Print Only)

  • Making Science Wearable an Interview with Ariele Faber of Cerebella Design - Four Letter Word. July, 2015 (read more)

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  • The Decentralized Dance Party Boston - Four Letter Word. June, 2012 (read more

  • Nerd Nite: A Night out for Nerds - Four Letter Word. June, 2012 (read more)

  • Energy Audits keep Somerville Residents Cool - Somerville Journal, 2012 (Read More)

  • Somerville's Boylston Chess Club holds International Tournament July 21st - Somerville Journal, 2012 (Read More)

  • Mythos Pathos illuminates Greek Myth at Somerville Arts at the Armory - Somerville Journal, 2012 (Read More)

  • Hubway bicycles officially hit Somerville - Somerville Journal, 2012 (Read More)

  • Boston Green Academy in South Boston Stresses Global Citizenship - Boston Globe, Boston.com, 2011 (read more) 

  • Institute of Contemporary Art Connects Boston area teens to Art - Boston Globe, Your Town, 2011 (read more)