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A selection of essays, articles, blog posts and interviews. 

Interview with an Artist: Gene Shinozaki - 2017

After getting his start as a busker on the streets of Boston, Gene Shinozaki has gone on to become a world class professional beatboxer, musician, performer and artist... (read more)

Straight Talk with Kathy High - 2017 

SciArt Magazine

Interview with an Artist: Mark Lipman - 2015

One of the hardest parts of being an artist, in any discipline, is trying to “make it,” and then of course,  finding time for your art especially if you have an additional career... (read more)

Making Science Wearable an Interview with Ariele Faber of Cerebella Design - 2015

Entrepreneur, scientist and fashion innovator Ariele Faber, founder of Cerebella Design, has been one of the pioneers changing the way we see the intersection of art and science by bringing us science we can wear... (read more)

My Digital Life, and how I learned to Reign in the Chaos - 2015

Back in the halcyon days of the pre digital age when communication was person to person, phone calls came via landlines, and prime time entertainment happened on cathode ray television sets, the internet as we know it was the stuff of science fiction... (read more)

Nuit Blanche: Illuminus Boston - 2015

If the past summer has proven anything it’s that when art, science and innovation are brought together amazing things will happen... (read more)

Descience: Research on the Runway - 2014

What happens when you try to use art to explain science?... (read more)

Interview with Alberta Chu of Asklabs - 2013

Innovative, engaging, entrepreneurial…. cool… these are the words that ran through my head as I settled down at a table in Flour in the South End with Alberta Chu, on a wet Thursday afternoon... (read more)  

Sightings: A Cryptozoology Themed Art Show - 2013 

It’s hard to imagine what kind of work you might see in an art show with a theme like “Cryptozoology,” especially if you have no idea what Cryptozoology is...(read more)

The Decentralized Dance Party Boston - 2012 

The breeze was cool and the dress was business casual as the Decentralized Dance Party Boston got underway at the end of the Long Warf Pier... (read more

Interview with an Artist: Mattie Booth - 2012

Mattie Booth, one of the speakers at the January 30th, 2012 Nerdnite, was nice enough to sit down with me and further discuss what it was like being a “Frontier Nerd” and relocating to Montana... (read more)

Nerd Nite: A Night out for Nerds - 2012 

With the tag line on their Twitter feed, ” Evidence Based Entertainment,” (The tagline changed in 2015, it was originally like the Discovery channel with beer) it’s hard to see how Nerd Nite could go wrong... (read more)

Energy Audits keep Somerville residents cool - 2012

Somerville Journal (print only) 

Somerville's Boylston Chess Club holds international tournament July 21st - 2012

Somerville Journal (print only) 

Mythos Pathos illuminates Greek Myth at Somerville Arts at the Armory - 2012

Somerville Journal (print only)

Hubway bicycles officially hit Somerville - 2012

Somerville Journal (print only)

Boston Green Academy in South Boston Stresses Global Citizenship - 2011

Boston Globe - Your Town (read more

Institute of Contemporary Art Connects Boston area teens to Art - 2011

Boston Globe - Your Town (read more